Vote Yes on March 11th-EVERY Vote Matters.


Newmarket Solutions encourages you to support the building of a new school.  It’s time for us – as a community – to acknowledge that we’ve exhausted other possible options.  Now’s the time for a long-term solution. Review a sample ballot.

A new school is a smart investment in the future of our town.

  • Much of the current school facility is nearly 90 years old and the building does not meet minimum Department of Education standards. For a detailed outline of all of the issues with the school review the FAQ on the SAU website
  • A renovation to our current building won’t fix all of the necessary problems, and can’t address significant issues, such as future growth.  Renovation is like putting a tiny Band-aid on a gaping wound.  This is not a viable long-term solution.
  •  We’ve considered and explored numerous regionalization options, including tuitioning to Oyster River, which OR recently rejected. Recent article regarding OR
  • A new school facility is a smarter, more efficient and more financially responsible solution to our town’s crisis.
  • A new facility will increase the value of our homes and attract more families to our community.  Conversely, it will be difficult to sell our houses at full value with an inadequate school in our town.
  • The community voted to purchase land in a great location with no tax impact – an important first step in building the proposed new facility.
  • We’re committed to being fiscally responsible, suggesting a modest new school design that’s at minimum DOE guidelines, while still meeting the needs of our students in this 21st century learning environment.
  • We’ve been debating this issue for more than a decade, and this problem isn’t going away.  Now is the time to act.  Our children and our community deserve better.


We support the following candidates:

Town Council- Toni Weinstein & Phil Nazarro
Budget Committee 2 year position- Kathy Harter (please write in)
Budget Committee 3 year positions- Mickey Burns, Craig Dionne, Meg Louney
School Board- MaryJane Hilton & Nathan Lunney
Supervisor of the Checklist- Nicole Benson
School Moderator- Chris Hawkins

What New School Design?

Check out the Key Documents area of the SAU 31 website to see the details of the design and cost.

Recent Article on New School Design


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