Learn. Act. Solve.

In March 2014, the Newmarket community was evenly divided on whether to build a new Junior/Senior High School.  The warrant article to build a new facility did not pass, and many within our community felt a deep rift between the YES and NO voters.  Now, our community needs to work together to determine – and implement – next steps.

Newmarket Solutions continues to advocate for a long-term solution to our town’s school facilities issue.   We encourage everyone in the community to:

Learn – Get involved.  Ask questions. Expect answers. Demand transparency.  Attend meetings.  Meet our elected officials.  Read information about our town’s issues.  Join Newmarket Facebook groups.  Tour the Junior/Senior High School.  Review the proposed addition/renovation plan for our schools.  Consider other points of view.  Talk to our school administrators.  Be educated about what’s happening in our community.

Act – Put clings on your cars.  Talk to your neighbors.  Spread the word.  Write letters to town officials. Attend Newmarket Solutions meetings.  Participate in Facebook discussions.  Speak at School Board and Town Council meetings.  Wear t-shirts.  Write letters to the editors.  Invite neighbors to get involved.  Do whatever you’re comfortable doing.

Solve – Don’t give up.  Push for a long-term solution for our school facilities issue.  Advocate for positive change.  Mend fences.  Work together.  Galvanize our community.  Ensure a bright future for Newmarket.  Move Newmarket forward.

Together, we can address – and solve – issues that are important to our town, our residents and our future.


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